Q8PACS Contest (Nov 2010)

of last month

Dr. Salwa Hayder.
Pediatric Radiologist , MubarakHospital.

Contest award: 160GB USB HDD.

Mubarak Hospital (~800 bed hospital) is undergoing it’s third generation PACS. In the third time, radiology department realized that they cannot depend on vendor in setting their PACS/RIS requirements since they suffered a lot win their previous PACS Archive got full.

Thus, they decided to help the vendor by putting their requirement in the form of an RFP. Even though this RFP contained fatal mistakes, but it was certainly better than leaving every thing up to the vendor.

Their RFP writing process included PACS Storage calculation with help of their PACS Administrator Mr. Sadiq bin Hussein and Mrs. Abeer Hajiya.
Online contest Nov.2010 ..

Dear All,
After Long time, announcement of the winner of last month’s online contest is here. She is Dr. Salwa M. Hayder who is known for her care to patient and to her career. Quality at work was one of her motivation to fight for the best. On behalf of Q8PACS we send her our best wishes and hope that she can bring her qualities to people around her.

· Interviewing the winner

  • How do you find the contest in general ?
    Dr. Salwa:  Very interesting and challenging.

  • How hard was the contest questions ?
        Dr. Salwa:  I believe it was hard especially it asked for some details which is out of my specialty, mainly  medical engineer will know it.

  • Did you do little research to answer the contest questions ?
       Dr. Salwa:   Yes

  • Do you think that details about HL7 messages, Diagnostic Monitors or any other PACS/RIS option should be added to the Tender document (RFP) ? why ?
      Dr. Salwa:   I think its better to cover all the details in the tender to make sure the system will work smooth with other hospital systems.

  • Do hospitals in Kuwait verify if these requested options are delivered with PACS/RIS ?  Dr. Salwa:   I know that they mainly insist on having HL7 compatibility with no more details.          Thank you

  • · Contest and Solutions

    Q1What is the “eSec Login” option is ?
    A1. “eSec” is abbreviation of eSecurity.. which is a security option which allows radiologists to login to Centricity RIS using a magnetic card, which obviously requires a card reader Hardware.

    Q2List three HL7 messages used commonly in Kuwait?
    a. ADT .. Patient admission and registeration.
    b. ORM .. order messages
    c. ORU .. Observation result (report)

    Q3. List three requirements of Medical Diagnostic Monitors.
    A3. a. Spatial resolution (Mega Pixel)
    b. Contrast resolution (Bit/Pixel)
    c. Brightness (cd/m2) .. more ..

    Next Month.. Win 16GB/3G/Wifi
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